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Branching off of our topic of technology last week, we wanted to discuss the massive importance of lighting! Lighting is one of the most effective ways of creating a specific feel in your home. From classy crystal to modern, we’ve all seen some beautiful chandeliers, but there is so much more to it than that! Keep reading to learn some tips on selecting the best lighting tones for your home. Throughout this week on our social media, we will be discussing fixtures, how to size a fixture to your space, and going through a project we performed that had some special touches in the lighting department; so stay tuned! 



What to Consider for the Perfect Lights!

As with any space, color coordination is very important. Having cooler-toned walls means that warmer toned lighting and vice versa. This provides a “glow” that accentuates the space versus distracting from it. We’ll talk more on bulb selection later in the post, but these go hand in hand. As you can see below, a brighter room deserves a more white light, but do not have to be as bright as the room already reflects light. Darker rooms made need a warmer tone but more brightness to keep the space from being one you want to nap in. Always keep this in mind as lighting and tone plays a huge role in our mood and energy levels. Ever notice how bright white rooms make you feel awake? Use this to your advantage when perfecting your home. 



Another important thought around lighting is the functionality of it. Placing lights in areas like stairs, cabinets, or closets are things to consider when designing or constructing your space. These small touches provide better function, and in some cases more safety, not to mention beauty. These come in many colors and can also add a touch of flair or excitement to any area. Soft blues on metal for an industrial style with a bang, or soft yellow for warmth as seen below.



From an aesthetic and functionality view – another great option is Toe-Kick Lighting in your kitchen. This provides a soft glow for vision, energy-efficient options for vision when snacking after midnight (shhhhh….we won’t tell), as well as a gorgeous modern touch. You can buy these in various colors so you can properly choose them using the color coordination tip above, or just have some fun and pick a color that is bright and beautiful. You can see in the picture the beautiful elegance this small touch adds.



The last tip we have for you is bulb selection. The type of bulb you use is important for more reasons than just the tone. Energy efficiency, control, as well as life expectancy, are all important things to consider. When dealing with lighting that is in hard to reach places, always better to get extended life bulbs. The cool and warm tones are very important as they can either cast shadows, or brighten as you can see in the photo to the right. Another option related to last week’s topic is smart lighting. There are multitudes of options, of all types, colors, and wattages that can be controlled by in-home or app-based systems. As a way to increase home value, this is a big one as this selling point is only going to grow over time. 


If you are looking for assistance with any DIY or renovation project, contact us today for a consult! Large or small, we can provide Fresh, Creative, and Innovative ideas, straight from a professional, on ANY budget! Have a great week everybody!

Jenn and the JLID Team