JL Interior Design

Do you have a Remodeling Budget?┬áJust as it’s crucial to know what you are willing to spend it is equally important to know how and where you can stretch those dollars. Hiring an Interior Design Consultant that has expertise in Interior Project Management can help you manage your goals and budget.

Here are just some of the questions your Interior Design Consultant or General Contractor should ask you prior to the start of your interior project:

  • What are you willing to spend on your Remodeling Budget?
  • What interior spaces to be updated are most important to you short and long term?
  • How long do you plan to live in your home?
  • Is raising the value of your home apart of your goals with the remodel?
  • How important is quality vs aesthetics?
  • Do you need design guidance in achieving a specific style?
  • Is function and organization apart of the scope of work?
  • What does your calendar look like as far as vacations or gatherings during this period of time?