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Happy Independence Day Everyone! 

This week we’re changing gears to discuss the many ways you can use a fireplace to distinguish a cozy space for all who enter your home. In our Colorado homes, fireplaces are a given in many, while they have been added into many others. We love our warmth here, so we’re going to discuss how to properly arrange and design your fireplace. 

Building Materials

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the materials used to build a fireplace. Real stone or stack stones; Hearths and Marble or Granite or even Brick and Tile; they can all be used as materials. The key is to use a material and texture that complements the tones of the space. This will ensure the fireplace is not lost by blending in and is showcased by sticking out with its unique pattern. Often times, these rooms are entertainment spaces, and social gathering spaces, so keeping the cozy and secure feel is very important to preserve the energy in the room for what it is intended to be. 

The Mantle

Another very important piece of a fireplace is the Mantle. This is where decorations, whether respective to you like family photos, or seasonal decorations; this is where you can add a touch of character to your fireplace. If you would like to learn more about seasonal decorating, check out one of our older blog posts, “Seasonal Interior Decorating Recipe 1 2 3” so you don’t go overboard on personal effects. The mantle is one of the best places to decorate as it is often in one of the most seen and used spaces by not only your family but also your guests. 

Choosing Your Focal Point

The last piece of proper fireplace design is deciding what you want the focal point to be. Many people hang art above their fireplaces; others use modern technical advancements like TV’s to accent the functionality of the space. Another option is a mirrored TV as seen in the warm-toned room above. We’ll talk more on this later this week in our Weekly Walkthrough With Jenn which can be found on our Instagram by clicking the link next to our “Contact” Tab. To decide which is better for you, it takes looking at the space you have in your home. If you have a separate living room, maybe art and classy decorations can be present there while using the living room as the commonplace. If the fireplace is in a bedroom, art,  flowers, and simple decor are always a great call. It all comes down to effectively using the space in your home.   

This Week’s Content: 

Throughout this week we will be diving headfirst into proper fireplace design, interior project management, and ideas for your fireplace. Keep an eye on our social media to get more tips on decorating Mantles! As always, if you have any questions at all, click the Contact Tab above or DM on any of our social media to reach out to Jenn directly. 

Have a Great Week Everyone!!

Jenn and the JLID Team