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Kitchens… the most used working spaces in your home. They can also be one of the most daring projects to take on. That is why our clients with the following renovation project came to us with a wish of having a more open, luxurious, and Tuscan Style kitchen. And we made it happen!


As you can see in our video, the original kitchen was less than sufficient. This space craved an open and bright space plan! The beautiful home is nestled in beautiful pine-filled area and it was important to keep to the charm of the location. They also love the Tuscan vibe so we combined that with the natural tones of stone and brick to play to both worlds. The original wood grain cabinets were outdated. Additionally, we agreed more cabinets to accommodate with better organization was important.  Bringing together key hard elements from Crystal Cabinets, fixtures from Ferguson Enterprises and lighting from LampsPlus, we were able to accommodate this fully upgraded kitchen with all real stones and brighten up the gorgeous space. The working relationship from the clients to the general contractor at Bri Co Homes was an absolute pleasure.  Definitely rated amongst one of our favorite full kitchen upgrades to date!

The first step of this was the design consult. This is the most important part of any home renovation or remodel. Whether you are planning to hire contractors, DIY, or a hybrid of both, professional designers offer the tools  and guidance to make your dreams a reality.  This is established by forming a good working relationship and understanding between client and designer, so your needs and wants can be distinguished and applied. Designers should also consider the style of the entire home not just the interior space being updated, so a general aesthetic can be kept, or created. JLID Denver has the ability to shop multiple vendors, whereas in-store designers are limited to what they can offer. This means you only need a one stop shop designer whom is able to give you design guidance for your entire home even if it is done in phases over time.

Kitchens are crucial. Read that again. We cook, eat, learn, talk, and often times start our days in the kitchen. Functionality is very important. We all love things that look pretty, but we also need them to work for us. While it might seem tedious, where your cabinets and sink are placed in relation to your stove, it has everything to do with how the kitchen functions. The number and placement of plugins make a huge difference for countertop appliances. At the same time you have an appliance you use everyday it should have a designated home that can handle its size and weight. Ample counter space is a must especially if you have more than one chef in the kitchen! There are a lot of elements to consider when doing a kitchen remodel. This is why kitchens remodels are considered one of the largest undertakings short of a full home remodel. They take a ton of forethought, planning, and oftentimes, tweaks, and changes if you want it done right the first time!

Now, just because they are big projects doesn’t mean kitchen remodels aren’t worth it. Kitchens are widely considered one of the most valuable renovation projects to take on. Short of adding on bedrooms or the like, a kitchen renovation will nearly always bring value to the home. Given that kitchens are a highly used space, that means generally the higher the quality, the higher the potential resale value. As mentioned above, If you have a contractor in mind we highly recommend the use of a professional designer to bring together not only the aesthetics as well as the functionality.  JL Interior Design can give you Fresh, Creative, and Innovative ideas for ANY budget. Whether that means strictly designer guidance and/or interior project management services.

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