JL Interior Design




Who doesn’t love a change of scenery! What could be more fun than rolling up your sleeves and hunting for decor that you just might already have and never thought to use until now?!

  1. Start by looking around your home for non-traditional items and use what you already have to mix and match.
  2. Don’t stop at decor…think about dinnerware and seasonal foods!
  3. Create a list of items you need to finish off your creation and get shopping.

Here are 3 key design elements to look for when choosing your decor:

  1. Colors = 2 main colors and/or 1 accent color
  2. Shapes= identical shapes or similar curves or angles
  3. Texture= mix and match while using the same color or shape

“Wah-Lah” you’ve created your very own Seasonal Interior Decorating recipe!