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And here we are… the last of our 3 pillars of design content, Style, which is one of the most important pillars of Design. It is defined as “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed”. 

With the many different styles that exist today mixing styles is not only trending, it is becoming the new norm in the interior design industry. In order to achieve a well-designed home through a balance of color and texture… it is mixed styles that create a well-lived home.

Whether it be the Contemporary Modern with a Tuscan Twist or a Rustic Mountain home with Modern accents, the blend and balance are what provide a truly unique overall style that is an expression of the homeowners’ interests and/or vision.

No matter the styles that you gravitate towards, the perfect balance is what is key. We have performed countless remodels and updates that mix different styles. This is great because it provides the opportunity to bring multiple visions for homeowners together in one space.  Differences in style preference can be blended to create a space that everyone can enjoy. In our photos, we blended French, Country, and Modern styles to create a balance. You can see how the simple touches of color and the application of different materials have really brought this space together. Check out this video to see the before and afters of the home above. This was a Design to Sell project by JL Interior Design for a home in Arvada Colorado. For more info, check out our Instagram page @jlinteriordesigndenver.


The key takeaway here is balance. Choosing the right style combination comes down to what styles you gravitate towards and mixing them together to prevent a stagnant home. We will touch on how to use this in an application sense this week, as the placement of these transitions is very important! Ideally, each space in the home should have touches of multiple styles while one main design style is chosen as the anchor and therefore placed throughout. A part of achieving this is the proper use of texture and color. Both play an important role in setting the tone of a space.

Learn more about mixed style combinations on our social media this week and be sure to comment on your favorites!  DM to book your FREE phone appointment and learn more about our Interior Design Consults! Remember a great designer is truly a guide to bringing their clients’ vision to fruition!